I woke up this morning in shambles. I couldn’t understand why. I got out of bed and got started on my Sunday ritual: bath salts, face mask, soothing music and a few pages from my current read, but still, I did not feel better. And then the tears came, trickles at first but soon a […]

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3 Ways to Check on Your Friends

We hear the phrase “check on your friends” a lot. But what does checking on them mean exactly. Does it mean getting in contact with them and asking how they are doing or does it mean the ability to understand the unsaid and offer support? Taking this phrase at face value can be dangerous because […]

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No, we don’t hate our hair!

As a black woman, I constantly have to put it out there that I do not hate my natural hair. “Why do black women hate their hair?” I get this question a lot and it is frequently asked by men. I usually have a hard time verbalizing that we DO NOT hate out hair however there is just so much that goes into maintaining it that we have to explore other options. I mean who wouldn’t want to rock that curly crown which has a lot of people turning green with envy.

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Twisted Fate

One day you will be heard You were beginning to believe in you, your voice disappeared but Soon you started believing everything they said you were and everything they said you wouldn’t be, Instead of you fighting the enemy, you fought yourself. A single punch knocked out your entire spirit, It was never physical violence […]

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The Many Faces of Feminism

So I started reading up on feminism because I noticed that a lot of people in this generation identify as feminists but they don’t really know what it means. I am one of those people because I only knew it had something to do with equality and women empowerment. It is amazing how the words […]

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